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Tarini Agarwal

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Solo Shows



3rd Solo Exhibition “Daar”, Al Mouj, Muscat
2nd Solo Exhibition ‘ Colordiescope’, City Seasons  



Solo Exhibition, City Seasons, Muscat


Group Shows



27th Annual Art Exhibition, OSFA

Christmas Art Show, Matti Sirvio Art Galleria, Muscat

Small Artworks - Ministry of Heritage & Culture, OSFA 

Oman India Art Exhibition, Embassy of India and Sultanate of Oman

‘Less is More’ Group Show, Matti Sirvio Art Galleria, Muscat

Rangrez Group Show, Embassy of India, Oman

Oman International Art Fair, Muscat Convention Center

Let’s Read Charity Art Fair, Muscat Intercontinental

Solo Show at Hormuz Grand Hotel, Muscat

Group Show, Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai


26th Annual Art Exhibition, OSFA                                                             Oman Art Fair, Muscat                                                                                Al Mouj Group Show, Al  Mouj, Muscat                                                  Tales of Arabia, Group Show, Dubai                                                      Ramadan Exhibition, Dubai                                                                      Firdous - Group Show, City Seasons, Muscat                                    Glimpses of Mind- Group Show. Oman Anunue Mall                      World Art Dubai, World Trade Center, Dubai


25th Annual Art Exhibition, OSFA
3rd Solo Exhibition “Daar”, Al Mouj, Muscat
2nd Solo Exhibition ‘ Colordiescope’, City Seasons  



24th Annual Art Exhibition, OSFA
Solo Exhibition, City Seasons, Muscat
Sultan School Auction, Stal Gallery and The Sultan School        



23rd Annual Art Exhibition, OSFA
Small Artworks - Minisrty of Hertiage & Culture, OSFA

Paragon Art, IDF, Muscat


Art Walk@Shatti - American Women’s Group Show (AWG)
22nd Annual Art Exhibition-OSFA
Small Artworks - Ministry of Heritage & Culture, OSFA
Art 100 x 100 Vol 2
Al Fianan Souk – American Women’s Group Show (AWG)


21st Annual Art Exhibition -OSFA
Rebuild the Visayas - A Silent Auction
Latitude (Art beyond borders)
Art Beat - American Women’s Group Show (AWG)
Women’s Art Symposium, Omani Society of Fine Art (OSFA)
Art 100 x 100
Twitter Art Exhibit, Los Angeles



Painting auctioned to raise funds for Ladies Charity Wing for Low Income Workers Medical Fund Ghaliya’ Museum Wall Painting
Muscat Mosaic -American Women’s Group (AWG) Show
Painting auctioned to raise funds for SML - Mobile Library        Art for Para Equestrian Therapeutic Riding Association (PERTA)
Dar Al Atta, Bait Zubair, Muscat


Dar Al Atta, Bait Zubair, Muscat

Artist Statement

Working on a series of paintings concurrently allows me to build up the surface and each painting develops its own unique history. This process allows me to bring freedom of my sketchbook and exploratory work into my art; this keeps an element of surprise.


I don’t have a roadmap of how my paintings will complete.  I start with a few colors without overthinking the expected result; this choice is mostly intuitive and sometimes accidental. I love paint - the texture and viscosity are a tactile stimulus for me and it shows up in my work. I am almost always lost in the creative process, time and space become intangible and immaterial and they recede into the background. 

Abstraction is my way to share my inner sense of place and time, my first emotional response to the world around me. As I think, observe the virtual, spacial and auditory world around me. Exploring the lost and found; the opposites that exist around and within me. Then working out the connections that get made. It is in this space that I explore the juxtaposition of my surroundings, the relationships of things, thoughts and emotions. 




Soon after my post graduation, I went back to school to become a teacher. I worked as teacher/ trainer for over 24 years, teaching across ages of 3 years to young adults. After semi-retiring, I have now followed a childhood dream to reinvent myself as an artist.

In my childhood, I was constantly on the move, living in different cities across India. This constant change and the uncertainties have forged in me an ability to distance myself from my surroundings.


As places and people were coming in and out of my life, I was learning to grow, change and accept the new rhythms and patterns that were being thrown at me. Growing roots and feeling of attachment was something I did not dwell upon. Very early on I accepted ‘it is what it is’. Through the various moves growing up, my fascination for art continued to grow. I was fortunate enough to live in cities that had a growing art scene back in the 70s and 80s.

The single connecting thread that runs through my life is my need to find a creative outlet - be it teaching or painting. To be creative has always been very important to me. This space allows me to be authentic to my self,  my way of seeing, feeling and experiencing my surroundings and relationships.


Oct 2019 

Second prize for Expat Resident Artists, ‘Small Artworks’- Ministry of Heritage & Culture, Muscat, Oman

Nov 2017

The Honorary Award of Distinction for Expatriate Artist, Diwan of Royal Court, Muscat, Oman    

2019- Small Art Works- Ministry Heritage
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